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Mr Porter hosted by Dries Van Noten

For Mr Porter Dries takes you on a psychedelic journey through his mind,
offering a remarkable insight into his idea of escapism.

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The Long Dream of Waking

A short story by Leonardo Van Dijl inspired by the works of Len Lye

DOP Nicolas Karakatsanis

Models Jonas Gloër, Sang Woo Kim, Tim Schuhmacher, Malick Bodian, Aramish Mangi, Gautier Deruche

Music Lander Gyselinck ‘Hihats in Trees’ - Sound-design Senjan Jansen

Make-up Florence Teerlinck - Hair  Marlien Echelpoels

Art Department Stefan Jakiela

Colorist Olivier Ogneux

Postproduction Offline - Production Mindbox

Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2021 Book

With images by Viviane Sassen and projections of Len Lye movies during the shoot

Graphic design: Jonathan Ellery
The book is available in our stores in Antwerp, Paris,
Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong.